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Looking to host your private event or party at Number 1 Broadway? Want to reserve a table for an upcoming event? Number 1 Broadway is happy to host your private event on any day of the week. Pricing is dependent on the party and Number 1 Broadway does not charge for use of its facility given that a beverage minimum is met. Fill out the form on the Private Events page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


Is your band interested in playing at Number 1 Broadway? Welcome to the new booking process for Number 1 Broadway. We reviewed the old process and determined that it was not the most efficient and successful option, so we have made some changes to help streamline the process and fix any problems carried over from the previous owner. As a result, we are creating a new band roster. Please fill out the form on the Bands page to get started.


Looking for information about the bar? Have any questions, comments, or suggestions? This is the page you are looking for. Find all the business information about Number 1 Broadway: location/address, hours of operation, phone, email, and a form for all your lovely thoughts and questions. As a reminder, the contact form on this page is not for private events or band bookings. There are separate pages dedicated to those special requests (you can find the links above or in the navigation menu under “Get In Touch”). Also, before asking us a question, make sure it hasn’t already been answered in our FAQ (link also above).